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The Capsule Lifted THCp and HHCp 2mg each.

The Capsule - Lifted - THCp/HHCp 2mg Capsules

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Lifted Capsules: A proper long lasting controlled dose of THCp/HHCp with 2mg in each capsule!

What is THCp/HHCp? It's a stronger tighter binding form of Delta 9 THC. It works on the same receptor but at a greatly increased binding efficiency. This is the way to lift off. 


Key Features:

Enhanced Potency: One of the most intriguing aspects of THCp is its purported potency, potentially leading to more pronounced psychoactive effects. 

Extended Duration: In addition to its increased potency, THCp may also offer a longer duration of effects compared to traditional THC. 

Controlled Dose: Rather than rely on blends and mixes, each capsule is a blend of 2mg powdered distillate of THCP/HHCP.


  • Health and Safety Guidelines

    These are strong capsules. Do not exceed 2 in a 24 hour period. Effects can last over a day due to the increased duration. 

    We offer these as a safe way to test the Phorol based compounds and would be remiss if they were used inappropriately. 

    Please take time to do your research before consuming.

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